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Work Smarter Not Harder

May 17, 2023
woman with pen and book

What a dad thing to say, right? Many of us grew up hearing that sort of advice for mowing the lawn or moving heavy furniture. It turns out, the same principles apply to business and it has nothing to do with higher ed degrees. Here, we review a few ways to trim the stress from…

Intentionally Engage Employees

May 10, 2023
business meeting

Ever get the sense your employees don’t care and just go through the motions? They show up on time and put in their hours, but your productivity’s flat and morale feels kind of blah. Assuming you’ve hired people competent for their roles and given them the tools to succeed, what gives? If you want your…

Run Better Meetings

May 3, 2023
business meeting

“This could have been an email.” How many times have you had this thought during a meeting?  Would you like your employees to feel more engaged and not mutter this under their breath in your meetings? Ready to run better meetings? We have some pointers to help you stay focused, keep your audience, and avoid…

Combatting Spring Fever

April 26, 2023
people speaking outside

We’ve hit the time of year where daylight lasts longer. Birds wake us up in the mornings. Construction crews finally fill potholes. And employees everywhere grow restless. You can easily give into the urge to slack off. When that’s not an option, you need to find ways to combat spring fever. Below we offer some…



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