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DEI Initiatives

Our intiative includes helping our members and businesses reach development & growth” through understanding and embracing diversity & inclusion.

Over the past decade, Westmoreland County has lost over 13,000 people due to the decline in birth rates, our aging population, as well as natural deaths. This is not only a challenge for our region, but a problem for many cities and towns throughout the country. The county’s 2018 plan “Reimagining Our Westmoreland” has identified and outlined key areas that would make our county more attractive for businesses, younger people, and families who want to live, work, and play within our region over the next decade. The comprehensive plan covers the needs to enhance our transportation systems, improve our infrastructure, reduce blight, enhance our parks and recreational facilities, and most relevant to DEI Intiatives, the need to welcome everyone in order to combat our population decrease.

Recently we partnered with local businesses and non-profits to put on our first DEI Summit. To read more about the event, click here.



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