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Our Region’s Business with Bill Flanagan


April 30, 2024

Our Region’s Business with Bill Flanagan-  A Collaborative Effort by Westmoreland County Chamber, Trying Together & Duolingo


The Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce recently featured on "Our Region’s Business" with Bill Flanagan, showcased its commitment to addressing the critical issue of childcare accessibility and affordability in the region. In collaboration with Chamber member Trying Together and Pittsburgh-based company Duolingo, the Chamber is actively engaged in advocating for solutions to the challenges faced by working parents.


The segment highlighted the Chamber’s dedication to making a meaningful impact on this pressing issue, recognizing its direct correlation to workforce participation and economic growth in the community. By partnering with stakeholders and amplifying its message through platforms like "Our Region’s Business," the Chamber aims to raise awareness and garner support for its advocacy initiatives. Access the 10-minute segment by clicking on the link provided below. I encourage you to take a moment to watch the segment and share it with your networks to further amplify our message.


Watch Segment -
Our Region's Business - Duolingo, Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce, trying together – WPXI


Special recognition is extended to the Westmoreland County State Delegation, members of the General Assembly, and Governor Shapiro for their support in taking significant steps towards addressing childcare challenges by approving the Child and Dependent Care Enhancement to ease childcare costs for working families through increased tax deductions.


Through collaboration and advocacy, the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce is actively working towards creating a more accessible and affordable childcare system, ultimately benefiting both families and the local economy.

Watch the full video above.



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