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Empowering the Future: Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce Launches Young Professional Group

Young Professionals Group

April 1, 2024

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The Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce proudly announces the establishment of its inaugural Young Professional group, marking a pivotal moment in the region's efforts to cultivate the next generation of business leaders. With a steadfast commitment to collaboration, innovation, and amplifying the collective voice of emerging professionals, this initiative stands as a beacon of opportunity and growth within the community.


At the heart of the Young Professional group lies a dedication to nurturing meaningful relationships among the county's young talents. Recognizing the transformative power of networking and mentorship, the group offers a platform for aspiring professionals to connect with seasoned mentors and like-minded peers. Through a series of roundtable discussions with business leaders, local officials, non-profit organizations, and community groups, the Young Professional group aims to leverage its voice and perspective to contribute to the revitalization of Westmoreland County, especially crucial in light of significant population loss in recent years.


Our goal is to create a supportive community where young professionals can learn from each other, establish transparent communication channels with various entities, and drive essential changes needed for our county to economically flourish for generations to come. By investing in our young professionals, we unlock unprecedented opportunities for personal and professional growth, shaping the county's direction today and for years to come."


The vision of the current committee, comprising 17 young professionals from various industries, is encapsulated in Westmoreland FUEL. Derived from the pillars of Focus, Unite, Engage, and Lead, FUEL's mission is to guide and empower young professionals through mentorship, networking, and skill advancement while contributing to the development of local communities. Ali Zorzi, Property Controller at Westmoreland Country Club and FUEL’s first President, remarks, "Our opinions, suggestions, and input are crucial to driving change and revitalizing our population, attracting more young professionals to live, grow, and thrive in the region."


The Chamber’s Young Professionals Group officially kicks off its roundtable and networking initiatives on Wednesday, April 3rd, with a discussion with the Westmoreland County Transit Authority to review and provide feedback on the agency's comprehensive transportation plan. Additional roundtable discussions will include meetings with local and state officials, key county departments, and business leaders throughout the region.  FUEL will represent the voice, suggestions, and concerns of young professionals, shaping the future of the county.


FUEL actively seeks to expand its Young Professionals Group through its first roundtable discussion and meeting. Anyone interested in joining FUEL or affiliating with the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce can visit Westmoreland FUEL's website or contact Tim Wiles at or Direct: 724-972-4574.

Young Professional Members To Date:

Ali Zorzi - Property Controller, Westmoreland Country Club
Jordan Graig - Senior Director of Operations, Beverly's Birthdays
Jordan Pavelka – Director of Event Planning & Sales 814 Lanes
Alexandria Petrof - Burd Financial Group (Property, Casualty, Life and Health Insurance)
Matthew Senkow - Vice President of Finance, Pheple Federal Credit Union
Ryan Fisher – Commercial Lender - Somerset Trust
Andy Urban – Bank Officer and Manager Somerset Trust
Joseph Jansma -Banker & Community Liason- PNC Bank
Brennan Wright – President/CEO - True Light Communications
Tim Wiles – Community Liaison Redstone
Anna McClain – Outreach Coordinator – The Private Industry Council
Emily Rockwell – Donor Relations Coordinator – Westmoreland Cultural Trust
Ahava Flick – Co-Owner of Spotless Solutions



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