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Combatting Spring Fever

April 26, 2023

We’ve hit the time of year where daylight lasts longer. Birds wake us up in the mornings. Construction crews finally fill potholes. And employees everywhere grow restless. You can easily give into the urge to slack off. When that’s not an option, you need to find ways to combat spring fever. Below we offer some ways to power through and plan some play time to make the most of the season. 

Combatting Spring Fever

Spring Fever or Burnout?

Before you dive into these tips for combatting spring fever, make sure you’re not actually dealing with burnout. Sometimes burnout can sneak in and disguise itself as other things. 


Now, real talk, a lot of us have been burnt out since pandemic began. Prolonged stress, emotional exhaustion, burning the candle at both ends…sound familiar? Loss of work satisfaction, feeling uninvested, and irritability all point to problems beyond an itch to get outdoors. Experts say these all point to burnout


If you or your team experience burnout, intervene and get everyone back up to snuff. Exercise, social outings, massages, or a good nap all help ease stress and rekindle that former work ethic.


  • Bring the Outside In

As the sun finally shines in southwestern Pennsylvania, you can easily feel cooped up in an office or shop. Getting out in the fresh air during breaks can do wonders for motivation. A short stroll or even just  sitting on a bench outside for a few minutes can make a huge difference. 


And if your workplace has windows that open…let that fresh air inside! (Note: please ask other colleagues first if they have seasonal allergies or other concerns for letting the outside in.)


You can also try bringing a plant to your desk. Tons of plants thrive in office and shop environments year round.


While you rearrange your workspace to make room for your new ficus, consider cleaning out your desk. Clutter causes stress, and who needs more of that? So use this opportunity to tidy up.


  • Work Outside Whenever Possible

Feel like a kid at the end of the school year staring out the classroom windows, daydreaming of playing outside? Why not take your work outside? Even if you can’t do your job from a laptop in a park, you can find other ways to get outside.


For example, conference rooms don’t need to hog up every meeting. Why not take your team outside for a breath of fresh air while you talk about your quarterly goals? Or hold daily stand-ups in the parking lot instead of the shop floor. If you’ve got a social activity planned for your team, consider outdoor venues for that as well. 


The change of scenery and occasional breeze can work wonders for productivity, but more importantly, your mood. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to see wildlife carrying on with their wild workdays, too. 


If you’re really lucky, a friendly doggo may even bring his owner by and stop to say hello. Double bonus: petting a dog lowers your levels of cortisol (the stress hormones). So, with owner permission of course, give that good boi some love.


  • Shift Working Hours

In general, countless studies have shown the benefits of flexible work hours throughout the year. If possible, consider shifting your hours as the weather warms up and allow your team to do the same. Even moving the workday up 30 minutes can allow for more outdoor activities after work. 


Many workplaces routinely allow outdoor workers to begin earlier, keeping them out of the hottest part of the day anyway. Shifting working hours to before the day gets too nice or building in longer daytime breaks can help.


Plan morning, lunch, and afternoon stretch breaks and invite others to join you. We know movement brings clear focus, and we know breaks do not decrease productivity. You can enjoy these breaks guiltlessly.


  • Give in to Spring Fever and Take a Break

If after these suggestions you still can’t bring down that spring fever, allow yourself to cash it in. Every spring try to allot yourself one (okay, maybe two) hooky day. Go fishing, take a weekday hike, or just sit outside and feel the sun. Sometimes this is the best cure for spring fever. 


Like any treat-yo-self indulgent pleasure, squeeze every ounce of joy out of your truancy. You can expect to come back to work feeling refreshed. If possible, give your team and a get out of jail free card to give into their own spring fevers.


So stop, smell the roses, and then get back to work.



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